A dreamer and maker with an inquisitive nature, sharing his peculiar understanding of existence through artistic expression. 

Following undergraduate studies in Hospitality Management, Leonardo Eddé (b.1993) decided to reconnect with his burgeoning creativity and childlike fascination for the world around him and pursue graduate studies in Art & Design at the Royal College of Art.

Oscillating between contemplation and reflection, he works intuitively, following creative impulses and developing singular processes and narratives.


“Make, break apart, and rebuild. Assemble, oppose and combine. The story of a child trying to make sense and an adult who understood that you can’t.

As a sculptor, I strive to convey magic by way of form.

Through playful, yet precise compositions, I create poetical meaning, and shape arising stimuli into objects, atmospheres, and narratives.

I select my materials for their didactic potential, tactical qualities, and ability to capture phenomenon.

When, as you caress with your eyes, and see through your skin, eternity becomes fathomable, I will have succeeded.”