A sculptor and installation artist born in Switzerland (1993) from Italian and Lebanese parents.

Leonardo recalls his fascination for the bombed up buildings of Beyrouth as he visited the city for the first time at the age of seven.

The raw beauty of those gigantic concrete edifices turned into sculptures by the civil war revealed his obsession with materiality, the cycles of birth and destruction, and the blurry boundaries between natural and artificial.

Eventually, those became the bedrock of a practice centered around metaphysical themes, and a need to engage physically with materials.

Leonardo experiences making as a spiritual act.
His language is abstract and evocative, open to endless readings and translations, never fixed on a definite interpretation. Shapes become bodies, turn into roots, and vanish like a cloud of smoke leaving only temporal emotional imprints.

The focus of his work is on achieving beauty through visual harmony and tactility. His carefully crafted compositions speak to the senses and strive to communicate transcendental truths



- MA « Information Experience Design » Royal College of Art (2023)
- BSc « International Hospitality Management » Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (2018)

- « To whom it may concern » Safehouse
August 2023, Peckham, London
- « RCA Autumn Graduation Show » September 2022, Battersea, London
- « Aporia » AMP Gallery ,
March 2022, Peckham, London